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R.I.P Nelson Mandela.


R.I.P Nelson Mandela.


Married 57 years at the time of his death in 2005. They will finally be reunited in heaven. Rest in paradise. 


African barbie dolls

I wish I had these when I was younger


Recycling old batteries into solar cells

A system proposed by researchers at MIT would recycle materials from discarded car batteries — a potential source of lead pollution — into new, long-lasting solar panels that provide emissions-free power.

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In 1864 Maryland, Confusion Over Emancipation Made Slaves Interpreters of Law by Martha Jones


In the midst of the Civil War, who was a slave and who was free? When African Americans in Maryland asked this question 150 years ago, in August 1864, they engaged in a sophisticated analysis. The answer was to be found in the confrontations between African Americans, slaveholders, and soldiers. Understanding emancipation required the careful reading of orders, statutes, and presidential edicts. The result was sometimes confusion, even for lawmakers. Judges, congress members, and the President differed over who had the authority to end slavery. Legal pundits suggested that the Constitution might not allow for abolition at all. Enslaved people had a great deal at stake: their liberty. They studied emancipation’s complex legal contours. They interpreted the law. Then, they acted.

Read more about what they did, including Annie Davis’ letter to Abraham Lincoln inquiring about her freedom.




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J. Cole meeting Capt. Ron Johnson #ferguson


Michael Brown, Ferguson Victim Paid For His Rellos

Published on Aug 16, 2014

At 36 seconds you can clearly see the clerk clasp currency in his hands.

I’ll be going to download this as a backup, then try to get more info.